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Accelerated Associate’s Degree Online: Top Schools

One of the many reasons people do not pursue a college education is that it requires too much time investment. Some would instead be busy building their careers with a high school diploma and make their way up the corporate ladder starting from entry-level jobs. However, did you know that you can get a valid college degree in less than a year? Yes, you can by earning an accelerated Associate’s degree online.

The internet has provided a myriad of conveniences to the world, one of which is making education more accessible. Before, students only had the option to study in brick-and-mortar facilities and were stuck within a classroom. Now, they can comfortably learn within the comfort of their homes, or wherever they might be. 

Besides that, online education also reduced the time spent in universities. Usually, the fastest way you can get a college degree is by getting an Associate’s degree, which generally is a two-year degree program. But the academic community introduced a much faster means of earning diplomas by offering accelerated Associate’s degrees online. Through this course, one can obtain a valid academic recognition in just a year or less.

What is an accelerated Associate’s degree online?

Accelerated Associate’s degrees are not the most traditional recognition one can get from a university. For this reason, not many people may be familiar with the idea behind it. But, understanding what an accelerated Associate’s degree online is easy. It is essentially the most practical form of education one should get.

Technically, an accelerated Associate’s degree is an undergraduate program that you can finish quickly. Unlike a typical Associate’s degree, online accelerated Associate’s degrees do not require students to follow a strict academic schedule. Instead, they have more flexibility over their curriculum, which allows them to earn a degree at their own pace. As a result, they are able to complete their coursework faster.

Although offering flexibility, accelerated Associate’s degrees online have denser coursework than traditional degrees. Meaning, you will learn more things in one semester as if you already have been studying for two semesters. Your knowledge and skills become more advanced compared to your peers since you learn this expertise before they could have the chance to do so. Hence, letting you graduate earlier than them.

Overall, an accelerated Associate’s degree online is the best learning solution for people wishing to earn instant academic recognition. It is also perfect for working professionals who do not have enough time and money to spend on traditional schooling. By gaining an accelerated Associate’s degree online, you save more on your resources and ease the stresses of conventional learning exudes.

Top universities offering accelerated Associate’s degree online

There have been many debates about the value of online degrees. For some people, diplomas earned through online faculties possess less worth compared to recognitions from physical universities. But, the rising popularity of online education proves these accusations otherwise. Besides, even real universities with physical campuses are offering their services online.

On that note, the key to having a worthwhile accelerated Associate’s degree online is finding the right school. Your chosen academic institution can make or break your learning experience. Plus, it also defines the convenience and comfort of your scholarly pursuit. Thus, when it comes to earning online accelerated Associate’s degrees, you should only trust the best universities.

Hence, here are the top schools offering the fastest online accelerated Associate’s degrees:

Purdue global university

Accreditation:  Higher Learning Commission

If you are looking for a university whose main foundation focuses on personalized, world-class education, Purdue Global University is the best choice for you. Almost all of the degree offerings found at Purdue Global University are perfect for working adults. Usually, students enrolled in this faculty take only 12 to 15 months to complete their degree programs. Besides, the university also provides a fully-online learning experience. Meaning, you will not only get a diploma quickly but also earn it comfortably.

Florida Institute of technology

Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges

Florida Institute of Technology is a leading university when it comes to innovation and modern advancements. It is home to the best degrees in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In which it is among the pioneering universities who helped hone the skills of the first missile men or members of the first US space program. But what truly sets Florida Institute of Technology apart from others is that it offers the fastest and most learning conducive accelerated Associate’s degrees online, which you can finish in 20 months or less.

Southern New Hampshire University

Accreditation: New England Commission of Higher Education 

Southern New Hampshire University is an academic institution dedicated to breaking boundaries in the academe through innovative and non-conventional learning solutions. Among its 200 degree offerings, one can find accelerated online degrees that can be finished in at least 15 months. The best thing about it? All of Southern New Hampshire University degrees are career-focused and have the most affordable tuition rates in the US. Besides that, this educational facility also offers the best support for distance learners, such as online libraries, tutoring, and 24/7 technical support. Hence, if you are a busy bee who is working and studying at the same time, Southern New Hampshire University’s online accelerated Associate’s degrees are perfect for you. 

American Public University

Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission

American Public University is an online educational institution dedicated to serving quality and accessible web-based learning experiences for military and public service communities. It is driven by a mission to provide affordable elite education as it should not be a luxury only a few must enjoy. That said, you can find the cheapest and most flexible online accelerated Associate’s degree from American Public University.

Colorado Technical University

Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission

Colorado Technical University is an educational facility focusing on providing industry-relevant higher education through innovative technology. It began offering online learning solutions in 1995 and has since then been one of the most renowned schools when it comes to virtual schooling. That said, Colorado Technical University has a trailblazing record of academic excellence in a web-based curriculum. Besides, you can conveniently accelerate any degree program through its Fast Track™ system. In which you take a prior learning assessment to save up to 30% on time and tuition fees by earning academic credits from your relevant experiences.

Since all of these universities are regionally accredited, you will have a valid online accelerated Associate’s degree. Meaning, every company and school will recognize your degree for future employment and scholarly endeavors.

High-paying jobs you can get with an online accelerated Associate’s degree

People think that you can only get better job opportunities if you at least have a Bachelor’s degree. Besides, it is the most common educational requirement for almost every job opportunity. However, this is not true. There are a lot of in-demand industries that you can enter, even with only an online accelerated Associate’s degree. These are usually in the field of technology, aviation, travel, food and beverages, and science.

Specifically, here are the top ten high-paying jobs you can have with an accelerated Associate’s degree:

  1. Air traffic controller
  2. Registered nurse
  3. Dental hygienist
  4. Electrical engineer
  5. Avionics technician
  6. Fashion designer
  7. Mechanical engineer
  8. Information technology specialist
  9. Advertising sales agent
  10. Chef

All of these careers have an annual income grade of at least 20,000 USD to a maximum of 120,000 USD. This simply goes to show that you do not need to study for four years and earn a Bachelor’s degree to have a chance to be a part of a high-paying industry. You only need to earn an accelerated Associate’s degree online to be a professional in an in-demand industry.

Why you should get an accelerated Associate’s degree online

Traditional schooling can be too tiring. It entails mental and physical hard work and thousands of dollars for tuition fees. Thus, it is an impractical choice for those who do not have enough resources at hand and those who are already working professionals. That said, if you are short on budget or simply do not have time to spare to go back to university and earn a college degree, you can just get an accelerated Associate’s degree online.

By acquiring an accelerated Associate’s degree online, you technically accelerate your way to success. While other people are busy finishing their degrees, you are already making a name for yourself in your career. Plus, with an accelerated Associate’s degree, you better your chances of having refined working conditions wherein you can earn a better income and gain more advanced positions in the company.

Aside from career advantages, it is best to earn an accelerated Associate’s degree online because it is more convenient and offers more flexibility. Meaning, you do not have to worry about the common stresses of university life, such as prying professors, strict deadlines, and uncooperative classmates. Through online schooling, you essentially have a more personal level of experience when it comes to education.

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