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Music Degree Online: High-Income Jobs

Artists usually do not earn degrees in university to get started in their craft. Besides, most people who are passionate about music are discouraged from pursuing their dream professions. This is because there is a negative notion about chasing artistic careers. Many think that there is no money in the industry, that it does not serve a good return of investment. But, what they do not know is that you increase your chances of having better income opportunities in the music industry when you have a music degree online.

Top 8 profitable you can get with a music degree online

There are more opportunities within the music industry besides being in front of the limelight. Aside from singers, instrumentalists, and songwriters, there are other careers you can get with a music degree online. Some of which do not require any musical talent. Also, unlike popular belief, there is actual money in the music industry. The average annual income in this field ranges from at least 60,000 USD to 120,000 USD. Most of the jobs that have these salaries are on the background and technical side of the craft.

On that note, below are the best high-paying jobs you can get when you have an online music degree:

Recording engineer

Salary: 75,000 USD

Classical music is truly endearing. However, people’s taste in music continues to change over time. And as more advanced techniques using modern tools emerge, the more trendy people’s choices become. In order for the industry to keep up with the listener’s preferences, they need the skills and expertise of a recording engineer.

Recording engineers are in charge of the overall technical sound of an artist’s album. They mix and match sounds and ensure that the result is a perfect and harmonious balance of tempo, tone, and effects. They do this by configuring, maintaining, and preparing technical studio equipment and other machines needed for fine-tuning.


Salary: 50,000 USD

A producer is an in-demand and highly essential specialist in the music industry. They are essentially the leader of a music production. Meaning, they are the ones who usually have jurisdiction over the final product and its production process. They command studio time, provide creative direction, and create a song’s foundation. 

Producers do not only find relevance in the music industry. They are important in every aspect of the entertainment business. Hence, you need a music degree online to earn this position. Their expertise and skills are significant in TV and film productions. They essentially help set the mood of a film or show and make the audience’s overall experience a whole lot better.


Salary: 110,000 USD

Composers are the very foundation of a song or a musical output. They are the ones who are responsible for the arrangement and structure of music. Unlike producers and record engineers, composers mostly use musical score sheets to produce their work. They detail the set of chord progressions and how the sound of every component relates to each other.

Like producers, composers are also valuable music specialists that can enter any part of the entertainment business. They work alongside the producer in order to create a musical masterpiece for shows and films.

Music supervisor

Salary: 54,000 USD

A music supervisor is the head of music production in film and television. Unlike producers, they are mostly accountable for the business aspect of the production. Some of their job responsibilities are licensing music, managing project budgets, and handling contracts and negotiations.

Audio editor

Salary: 67,000 USD

Audio editors are nothing like record engineers. These specialists usually work on outputs for television or film. They are responsible for cutting, arranging, and synchronizing audio to the picture in a video product. Besides that, they also edit sound effects according to a director’s preference.

Record label manager

Salary: 95,000 USD

Record labels house artists and is the home of music production. Hence, one of the best careers you can get with a music degree online is to be a professional at a record label. Record label managers are quite similar to music supervisors. However, these experts mostly work on songs and albums, not televised music.

Record label managers are in charge of ensuring the economic value of musical output. For example, they get to dictate or assist the artist while choosing which songs will make it in the album and which song should be the title track. They are also in charge of understanding the listeners. Thus, record label managers are the best people to consult if a song is set to gain popularity or not.

Music programmer

Salary: 82,000 USD

The entertainment industry is not the only one who needs the inclusion of sounds to enhance their patrons’ experiences. Other industries, especially in technology and digital media, need the expertise of sound specialists like music programmers. Music programmers are experts who make the sound effects of games and other media applications. They do this by processing, storing, and ensuring playback of the audio.

Production manager

Salary: 55,000 USD

One of the sectors in the music industry where you can find the highest paying jobs is in concert production. Concerts produce the highest revenue for a production company. But, it also has a lot of demands and is one of the most tedious processes to complete. In which the most in-demand member is a production manager.

A production manager plans and organizes a music scene. They focus on monitoring procedures essential to record label relations with the artist. They also manage the business aspect of the production, like budget, schedules, and material sourcing.

These are just some careers you can enter in the music industry with an online music degree. Since most of these are behind-the-scenes job positions, they require technical and fundamental skills that you can only learn through online music degree courses. Hence, if you want to pursue any of these professions, you must get a music degree online.

Benefits of taking a music degree online

Online education is probably the most revolutionary contribution of the internet in the academic community. Before, there are a lot of physical stresses that students have to endure while earning degrees traditionally. But, with the introduction of virtual schooling, learning became more accessible. Hence, more people, like those who want to get a music degree online, are able to accomplish their dream of having a college diploma.

Aside from accessibility, here are the more reasons why you should get a music degree online:

More convenient

The problem with the traditional education system is that it requires too much investment. For instance, you have to dedicate four years of your life in school. But you do not have to worry about any of that if you choose to earn your music degree online.

By getting an online music degree, you lessen the inconveniences you might experience as a student. You will have more time to focus on your talent and skills while comfortably completing your coursework at home. Besides, you do not have to worry about typical school issues like annoying professors and course mates. Instead, you will have peace of mind while getting your online music degree.

Fast degree

A typical academic recognition usually takes four to six years to earn. But you can quickly finish a degree program taken on a web-based platform. Most online academic offerings offer accelerated curriculums that allow students to acquire necessary career-focused knowledge in a shorter period.

Aside from that, online programs offer flexible learning solutions. Meaning, if you were to get your music degree online, you can have more control over your schedule. Thus, letting you earn your online music degree at your own pace. And since you are having a much more comfortable experience than what you would in a traditional school setting, you will most likely finish your program fast.

Affordable costs

One of the many reasons why people do not earn academic recognition in music is because it is among the expensive scholarly endeavors. Most art schools and conservatories demand expensive tuition fees. Usually, the average undergraduate costs of at least 100,000 USD a year.

On the other hand, those who earn music degrees online tend to have more savings in educational fees. Why? It is because virtual schooling entails less financial burden. Most of the course materials are web-based. Thus, you do not have to spend money on books and other printables. Also, since you are most likely to finish your degree program in less than four years, the money spent on tuition fees becomes less.

Overall, earning a music degree online is the most practical choice for anyone who wishes to earn academic recognition. It is fast, convenient, and cheap. And the best part? There are a lot of high-paying careers that you can get with a music degree online, even if you cannot sing or perform. After all, not all jobs in this market require you to be the center of attention. Even by being at the sidelines, doing behind-the-scenes work will get you a position worth hundreds of thousands. Thus, a music degree online is a useful credential booster for people seeking a solid job in the music industry.

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