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My endless search for a job – I can’t find a job


I can’t find a job Dilemma

In a society where education has become so competitive and people are always competing with one another in performing better at higher levels to gain more dividends in their career growth, it is surprising to see the number of youngsters today say I can’t find a job. Is there an answer to the uninhabited three letter word I can’t find a job? In our country competition is so strong in terms of job finding that it makes no sense when I say, I can’t find a job, People from all over the world are looming large in our country and the possibility of getting a job becomes that much more difficult. The local workforce is completely overfilling with people from across and it is not the fact that these people are better qualified, but the fact that they are able to come outside their own territory and find jobs and we still remain trying to answer as to why I can’t find a job.


What are the immediate questions that spring to your senses, when someone says, I can’t find a job.  Is he/she over qualified or is he/she under qualified? Or is influence required to get a job?  Well the questions may be plenty but one still is looking for answers to why I can’t find a job. In today’s world there are plenty of youngsters running from pillar to post in search of a job, but when someone is enjoying the privilege of cracking an interview in the very first attempt there are thousands of other candidates who are unable to crack this barrier and say why I can’t find a job.  Don’t be over confident about yourself.  Just accept the fact that I can’t find a job because I have not put my best foot forward.

I can’t find a job : What to Do

I was able to figure out that I can’t find a job, because my foundation in the search of a new job was just not right. I started, from the beginning, by creating a resume with an updated profile of my life, details of my educational, professional and any other projects that I have handled during my growing years. I check the details, have the same cross checked by my support at home just to get the basics correct that I have got all the necessary data in my resume, loading the same in various websites and staying in touch with the upcoming requirements in the industry through media, television, references and networking. While getting these basic settings right I knew I would be in a strong position to answer the question why I can’t find a job.

The answer to I can’t find a job problem

There were still other times when I realized I can’t find a job, but I can always try and think of different ways and means to keep myself occupied.  I may take up any profession to answer the simple question I can’t find a job. I am qualified enough, but with my high educational background I find it simply unappealing to go look for a profession which does not befit my educational standing. But here is where I go wrong in my thinking process. If I can’t find a job, then nothing really should matter to me, I will still be able to manage my growth by choosing a profession which suits my requirement best and then have a way to answer why I can’t find a job. You may want to analyze the prospects of things you can do to take a step forward in this regard.  Well, having said this it is still your own effort in keeping abreast with the current trends, browsing the latest magazines on education and vacancies, newspapers or online browsing to keep yourself updated and this would be a great step towards analyzing the fact that I can’t find a job without understanding the requirements for getting a job.

I can’t find a job can be frustrating.

I don’t have the money to spend once I go outside, I am jobless, and everyone around me is talking about their place of work, their jobs, their colleagues and I am lost with the same simple thought why I can’t find a  job, while everyone around me is  more upbeat about their jobs.  Well, if I was you I would beat this negative thinking and find a permanent solution to answer why I can’t find a job by following the steps mentioned above in search of the right job.  Go forward, simply put aside the words I can’t find a job, have a positive approach to your job search and find your own answers to why I can’t find a job.


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