New employees are provided paid job training


Paid job training for New Employees

The first question a new employee will ask is: I am entitled to be paid while I am training on the job? There is no right answer to this question. Most employers will pay trainees a stipend depending on the duration of the training. When training is part of an employee’s normal working hours, the trainee will be paid at least a stipend and is known as paid job training. New employees need some form of training and are entitled to a paid job training. Paid job training can be for the duration of a few hours, a full working day, a week or even three months, depending on the job.

Paid Job Training Opportunities

The in-class  job training session is a much used method to assist an employee to learn the company’s work. Paid job training programs are standard as employers pay employees for the time spent learning the basics of how to perform jobs at their work place. During the training, employees learn what tasks they will be completing and receive the tools necessary to complete those tasks. Often, the paid job training includes mediums that allow candidates watch videos or slide shows related to the role of their jobs

Paid job training can include study time, leave to attend conference, seminars and workshops. The matter of paid job training should be discussed between the employer and the employee. If paid job  is agreed or allowed by the employer it must be put down in writing so that everyone knows and understands the conditions of the paid job training agreement.

Your paid job training experience

All jobs require a minimal amount of training. Generally new employees in a company are offered paid training. New employees must be trained for the jobs they are recruited for, in order to become confident and successful at their jobs. They receive instruction of everything to effectively complete the daily job functions. Managers and senior employees with excellent experience serve as instructors to the new employees. Paid job training sessions take place during scheduled working hours only. In paid job training the employees will get paid an hourly wage.

New recruits become apprentices who study for a qualification related to the job they are recruited for and they are paid for the training they are given. Apprentices come under the paid job program. Most employers make it mandatory for new employees to be trained for a certain period. According to the law, employers are required to provide paid job training offers to new employees who are being trained in the workplace. Paid job training can best be described as to when a company pays or sponsors the training programs to individuals whom they have recruited to improve their ability to work effectively.

Today’s rapidly evolving job market makes it essential for people to stay tuned in to current working trends and technology in the work place and the work force. At the same time it is crucial to expand job skills. A skilled person can always be gainfully employed. Most employers prefer to recruit skilled in training programs to equip them with the working skills of that particular company. Since they are already skilled personnel the paid job training programs are just to brush up on their already acquired skills and to get them acquainted with the working job conditions of the company. Paid job training programs are generally available in engineering and scientific companies.

Paid job training programs prepare employees by providing information and training them to perform tasks, Employers feel that paid job training is effective and contributes greatly to the company’s success. Paid job training makes a big difference in the employee’s ability to perform well at his place of work. The employee is happy that he is being paid while on training and his confidence soars. He feels the company has faith in his abilities to perform and that is why he is being paid while being trained.

Generally employees who undergo paid job programs are required to sign an undertaking to work in the company which has paid for their training. The agreed period can be for the duration of 1-2 years and sometimes may exceed up to 3 years. The duration depends on the quality of training provided by the company and the payment received during the period of training.

Although employers prefer to employ experienced candidates it may not be possible always. Experienced candidates may demand a high start up salary for which employers may not agree. Most employers say even experienced candidates require minimal training. Therefore they hire candidates with less or no experience and then offer them paid job training assistance.


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