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Can You Get An Online Law Degree

Having a career in the legal industry is a rewarding endeavor, mostly if you were to become a full-fledged lawyer. Many people look up to attorneys as they exude high intellectual qualities that are truly aspirational. For that reason, becoming a lawyer is among the most popular career ambitions. And with the rising trend of online distance learning solutions, many people are wondering if it is possible to get an online law degree.

But before delving into how to get an online law degree, one must first understand how rigorous the traditional process of earning academic recognition in the legal industry can be. Getting into law school is one of the most challenging academic pursuits one will ever experience. Most brick-and-mortar law schools in the United States have the most competitive admission rates. In which the average acceptance rate of a law school in the US is only almost 14%.

Besides the competitiveness of law school admissions, enrolling in a legal degree also has a handful of extremely demanding requirements, according to the American Bar Association (ABA). First, you need to have at least a Bachelor’s degree to be qualified in law education. Second, you have to pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Then, you have to look for an ABA-accredited university. After which you need to pass the school’s admission test, coursework requirements, and GPA demands.

The same demands technically apply to get an online law degree. It takes the same mental and physical stress to enroll in a traditional law school’s virtual counterpart. However, one major difference is convenience. But the problem is, finding an accredited law degree school is not easy.

How to get an online law degree?

Legal education is lagging when it comes to modern learning solutions. While other disciplines are excessively offered in the virtual market, the number of accredited law degrees online is significantly minimal. As of writing, the ABA has not yet approved any exclusively online law degree program. Most of the certified law degrees in the virtual academic community usually involve hybrid curriculums wherein students still need to have physical attendance to complete their degree.

If a hybrid online law degree program seems fair to you, here are the ABA-recognized schools where you can get your degree from:

  1. Syracuse University
  2. Mitchell Hamline School of Law
  3. University of Dayton
  4. University of New Hampshire
  5. Touro College
  6. Sturm College of Law
  7. School of Law at Loyola University Chicago
  8. Seton Hall Law School

Aside from these, most of the legal programs online hold no accreditation from the ABA. This is a sad reality since being a graduate of an ABA-recognized university is a requirement to take the bar exam in the United States. 

Although there are still other schools in the virtual academic community that offer online legal degrees, it is not a guaranteed path to a successful career in the legal industry. Hence, if you are willing to spend some physical time in university amidst your online learning experience, enrolling in a hybrid program is how you can earn an online law degree fast.

Is a fake online law degree worth it?

Because the ABA has yet to acknowledge online faculties for legal degree programs, many people try to hack their way into the legal profession by earning fake online law degrees. However, despite the convenience and inexpensiveness of phony academic recognition, it is not a safe way to pursue a career.

Surely, a fake online law degree can easily let you become a diploma holder. But, the risks you subject yourself to is not worth the price you are paying for. For example, if you get caught using a fake diploma, you can end your career. Aside from that, you will also surely face legal sanctions wherein you might pay a hefty fine or spend some time behind bars.

On that note, buying a fake online law degree is not worth it. Instead, it would be best if you looked for authentic online degree sellers. These degree sellers will get you an accredited online law degree that is ABA-recognized by sourcing out your diploma from brick-and-mortar law schools instead of phony universities.

Here are the characteristics of a real degree seller:

  1. They have accredited partner universities with physical campuses. Hence, they can provide you with supporting documents, such as transcripts and official student IDs.
  2. Their price list is reasonable. Meaning, it is not too expensive or cheap. Instead, it is not worth more than what you will pay for in an actual tuition fee.
  3. They have legalization and verification processes wherein lawyers and school officials certify the validity of your diploma.

If you choose to buy your online law degree, it is better to get it from genuine degree sellers. This will ensure that you will have an accredited online law degree that will 100% safely appear on background checks. Thus, you can use it as you like without risks.

Benefits of an accredited online law degree

Getting a law degree yields a myriad of advantages for one’s career. These benefits do not only apply if you are a practicing lawyer. You can use your law degree to advance your perks no matter what profession you are taking. You can use it to have better working conditions and demand for better salary rates. It also helps you earn job security wherein you do not have to worry about getting fired. And if you earn an online law degree, these benefits become more enhanced.

Specifically, here are the more reasons why getting an online law degree is better than enrolling in a physical university:

Instant academic recognition

Buying an online law degree is essentially acquiring instant academic recognition. You technically skip every hard part of the academic journey. Meaning, you do not have to stress over long hours of school and completing coursework. It is generally the easy way out of university and into the legal industry.


An online law degree is also more convenient than its traditional counterpart. Usually, if you were to earn a degree in a physical campus, you still have to exert effort to be physically there. Meaning, you have to drag yourself out of the house and spend long hours in a classroom. On the other hand, if you buy your law degree, you do not have to worry about that anymore. You can conveniently purchase your degree in the comfort of your homes. No need to stress about going out at all!


Education is an investment. And, getting a law degree is not a cheap pursuit. Remember, in order to qualify for law school, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree. That alone can cost you almost an annual spendings of 100,000 USD for academic fees. Do not forget about the additional expenses you need to shell out if you were to go back to school again to get a law degree. Hence, if you want to save more and invest your finances in other endeavors, it is better to buy an online law degree—no annual fees, just one-time payment.

In a fast-paced concrete jungle with a competitive job market, going back to university to earn a law degree is no longer practical. This is especially true if you already possess adequate knowledge and skills in the legal industry. For example, you are a degree holder of a pre-law course and have enough job experience as a legal expert, and the only thing that is stopping you from becoming a lawyer is a law degree. Hence, you buy an online law degree as a credential booster to be an eligible bar taker and fast-track your way into a legal profession.

Importance of accreditation

Surely, you can easily find an online law degree in the virtual academic community. There are countless universities in and out of the US that offer different legal degrees in the online platform. But, as mentioned, none of these universities hold accreditation from the American Bar Association to provide law degrees online. Meaning, these degrees are technically useless in the US. You cannot use it to apply for the bar exam to become a licensed lawyer. 

Therefore, if you want to practice professionally in the US legal industry and be an eligible bar taker, you need to have an accredited online law degree. If not, it is nearly impossible for you even to start your career as a lawyer.

That said, you might consider buying your law degree online. When you do, do not forget to avoid fake online law degrees. You can do so by looking for real degree sellers with real university partners. In this way, you can get an accredited online law degree as if you earned it straight out of university. By buying an accredited online law degree, you only warrant yourself to the best benefits a law degree can offer.

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