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Training opportunities benefit the employee and the employer


Training opportunities benefit the employee and the employer

You are never too old to pass up training opportunities or never too young to accept training opportunities. From your kindergarten days right up to your official retirement or superannuation training opportunities come your way in several disciplines and at all stages.

New graduates are ready to start their careers. By now they would have identified their careers and are seeking opportunities to get into the working world. However, just having a degree in hand does not make them gainfully employable. They need to have a skill. Training opportunities are considered as job enrichment offers. Several industries and companies offer training opportunities for new recruits. The training opportunities offered by industries are in line with the kind of work the company or industry is doing.  Training opportunities last for three months and sometimes go up to six months during which period the trainees are not paid. However, trainees will be given a daily allowance but they are not eligible for any other benefits. Training ensures job permanency.

Training opportunities workplace

If it is a small company the chances of training in several job functions, other than the one you were hired for are greater. You become indispensible to your employers because of the many training opportunities you have made use of. When people in higher posts leave you could benefit from your training opportunities. If you belong to the workforce of a large company, training opportunities are more formal and the chances of getting a certificate or academic degree are present. Many people who begin a career in the labor force take advantage of training opportunities and learn trades like mechanics, carpentry, welding, masonry and more. Though not all employers facilitate training opportunities, you should bide your time and strike when the opportunity arises, you could also drop informal hints, make suggestions and volunteer. Use training opportunities as stepping stones to succeed in your endeavor to reach the highest pinnacle of your career.

Mundane everyday tasks make employees bored and lethargic. Therefore, employers encourage and often make it compulsory for employees to attend workshops and other training opportunities. The knowledge gained from attending training opportunities when applied in their workplace reduces boredom and challenges employees to stretch their skills beyond what they have so far used in their workplace.

The most beneficial aspect of training opportunities

Increase in professional knowledge and skills is the benefit. The more knowledge and skills an employee gains the greater is his worth to both current and future employers. Well trained employees lift the morale in the workplace, thus creating a pleasant working environment, leading to greater job satisfaction. Well trained employees are equipped to succeed.

Individuals who have not missed training opportunities that come their way know their worth and can demand higher remuneration and benefits from the company they are working in. If no due recognition is given to their training, like monetary provision or a promotion to a higher grade, armed with their newly acquired skills these trained employees are able to move on to better and higher paying jobs.

Generally employers allow their employees to accept opportunities and may also give financial assistance to help them get trained. Employers know they will benefit as the quality of work and productivity of the newly trained employee will increase. Enhancing employees’ skills by providing training opportunities brings benefits to businesses such as improved productivity and a strong and confident workforce. The growth of the company is assured.  Employers know the benefits and this is the reason why they encourage their employees to accept  opportunities that come their way.

Here is a piece of advice to the employer. Get the most out of your employees, not by offering them salary raises, bonuses or promotions. Give them training needs to learn a new trade or to brush up on their existing trade skills. Offering your workforce the opportunity to train helps to motivate and retain them. Remember that with no training, there is no gain.  To the individual or employee, training is an essential part of career progression. What employees expect from their employers are two simple basic things, one is adequate training opportunity and the other is proper pay. Employers should never underestimate the impact of effective training opportunities on their employees.

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